Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shannon's Gem Habits

Shannon's dazzling diamonds are slip cast from a multi part mold made from a hand carved plaster prototype.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Melinda's Pure Porcelain

Melinda's pod vase with delicate
carved areas.
Melinda's porcelain Lincoln logs are delicate and playful. They really work!
She slipcasts these and fires them to a high reduction to achieve a cool white that only high
fired porcelain can have. These are so fun to play with!

Carol's Tenacious Targets

Magnets with steel strip.
These magnets are bare porcleain with gold luster splashes.
The lucious bare porcelain and the mirror of the gold create a soothing minimal effect.

Magnet Strip with flocking!
Carol's magnets come with a steel strip for easy installation.
These magnets are covered in five different colors of flocking.
fuzzy! yes!

More tumblers!!!

Also a new vase.

Carol's tumblers decorated with gold and sliver luster.

The tumblers in the center have raw slip and have been heavily reduced to create a cool, stony grey where the glaze is not hiding the clay.

The vase is Carol's simple vase with minimal decoration.

More tumblers and stuff!
Melinda's slip-cast birds with cobalt flavored slip, mmmm.
Carol's bauhaus tumblers with china-paint and decals.
Another tuxedo tumbler from Shannon.

The Fun continues..

Melinda's pod vase.
This vase is made from a multi-part slip mold
which was taken from a hand-carved plaster prototype.
Melinda used just a touch of gold luster to compliment
the delicacy of the bare porcelain.
Carol's magazine rack.
This is slab constructed earthenware
with low-fire glazes to achieve
saturated color.

At the top of this post are Melinda's porcelain slip cast pie tins with stenciled underglaze and silk screened china paint. They look fabulous in a clustered group on the wall.


Here are a few smaller we've been making lately:

Shannon's tumblers,
Carol's vase with flocking
and one of Melinda's many birds.
These are slip cast porcelain.
Shannon's lace is actual lace dipped in porcelain slip.
Carol's flocked soda can is from a multi-part slip mold taken from a
hand-carved plaster prototype.
Shannon also creates slip stencils with various types of lace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Beginning....

Our names: see: Melinda, Carol, and Shannon.
Our goal: to garnish your void!
Our method: creating various goodies with which one might garnish various voids.

The three of us just graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Realizing we'd all fallen in love with the various ceramic processes: from low fire to high, from handbuilding to slip casting, we decided to start a studio together.

We've named our nascent endeavor SEE: parsley. This name is a reference to the various ways that we all use to garnish our voids. We are parsley. We are here to garnish!

Ergo--SEE: parsley.